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My name is Christina Csele and I am a graduate of the New Media Web Design program at Niagara College. I have a passion for web design, film making, and photography. I am always eager to learn new techniques and ways of incorporating different elements into my designs.

I am fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and making custom templates in WordPress. I enjoy being a WordPress developer, allowing my clients to be able to make changes to their websites without ongoing costs. By creating a unique and custom website design, your business can stand out from the crowd! Look good on every device with the use of responsive design and keep up with the latest mobile technology.

Christina Csele Website Design and Development

About Myself

Going to college for Web Design was not an easy decision as my interests are all over the map; history, science, photography, and computers. Even though the decision was difficult, I made the right call and ended up in a career I love.

I currently live in Welland, Ontario and work at The Graphix Works as a web developer; creating WordPress sites for clients using custom themes, plugins, and other CMS attributes.

My pastimes include photography, old video games, adding to my large collection of music, designing websites, and restoring antiques to make them functional. I enjoy great beer, camping, and reading. I have an unhealthy obsession with the 1986 film Labyrinth, and a great love of cats after growing up with my Russian Blue cutie named Smokey. I now have a beautiful black and white kitten named Nora.

Skills Summary

Google Analytics
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator

Services I Offer

Custom Website DesignCustom Website Design
Website DevelopmentWebsite Development
Email CampaignsEmail Campaigns
Video EditingVideo Editing
Responsive & MobileResponsive & Mobile Websites
Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
Website AnalyticsWebsite Analytics